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SKU: ST231

Brand: Chabatree
Dimension: W 19.00 x L 25.50 x H 1.50 CM.
Weight: 168 grams.
Material: Wood Stand with Stainless Steel rack

Product Description


CHABATREE SERVING RACK is the set of Stainless Steel Cooling rack coms with pair of stands

with tree branch motif this rack fits to CHABATREE ENAMEL BAKING TRAY (sold separately) and together become ideal serving ware.

You freshly baked confectioneries can be cooling and serving at the same time served directly from your kitchen to the dining table with housewarming savory aroma.

Care instruction:
Stainless Steel rack is dishwasher and dryer safe wooden parts need to be washed by hand then dry it properly Reminder The color of wood maybe fade away after
sometimes. Wood grain can be refreshed by polishing with a small amount of cooking oil

Tips and Care:
This Product consist of stainless steel rack and wooden stand part. When you attach the wooden stands, please do not apply excessive force and slowly attach it to the rack
according to the concave of parts.